Our Approach to Business

Not everything in the world is black & white, so at AGP, we analyze situations thru multiple lenses that ultimately provide a vision of clarity.


Combining years of experience in the sports, media and business worlds, AGP has an established process that allows companies to understand critical patterns that can and will impact their own growth at a revenue, consumer or brand level. In financial market terms, we prefer long term value growth based on solid fundamentals vs short-term churn and burn.


Our primary goal is very simple, grow our clients and partners businesses. We focus on business and acquisition plans, motivating and engaging consumer/business vertical behavior, and use our vast web of relationships to establish a strong growth network.


With more than 50-years combined experience, AGP understands the value of strategic connections and analyzing the various business generating opportunities by connecting those dots. The cliché of “win-win” is not only a requirement to our approach but a foundation to the process and output we use.